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With our free account, you have full control over customizing your account with your unique branding, logo, and ad space. This means you can create a fully branded experience for your players, without any additional cost. You can easily manage your cash games, waitlist information, and daily tournament and promotion schedules with our user-friendly interface. While our free account provides you with all the necessary tools to manage your casino operations, it does require some manual maintenance.

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Who’s it for?

Ready to take your casino operations to the next level? Our premium account is integrated with our CRS system, which automates manual maintenance and syncing with your on-premise casino management system. This means you can say goodbye to time-consuming manual processes and hello to a streamlined and efficient system. With our premium account, you get two robust systems in one unbeatable package, allowing you to take your casino operations to new heights. While the premium account comes at a cost, the benefits of automatic syncing and streamlined management far outweigh the cost.

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Features for You
Free Account
Premium Account
Online Casino SignUp
Mobile Account Customization
Online Customer Portal
Advertising Placement
Featured Account Badge (LiveLinq)
Automatic Data Syncronization from CRS
Access to all CRS Modules
Live Waitlist API Website Widget
Introductory Pricing Offer
0-5 Admin Users
From $2,000
Discount offers available for a limited time

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Cash Game Management
Patron & Staff Management
Tournament Management
Mobile App & Waitlist Control
Integrated Table Touch Screens
Promotions Management
Reports & Analytics
Section, Tables, and Games Setup
Player ID Verify & Membership
Tournament Setup & Schedule View
LiveLinq Mobile App Waitlist SignUp
8" Integrated Table Touch Screens
Promotion Setup & Management
Gaming Day Report & Analytics
Player Tracking via RFID or MSR
Player/Staff Badge Printing
Tournament Event (Single & Multi-Day)
Advertising Space on LiveLinq Mobile App
10' Pole Mounted Table Touch Screens
Self-service Promotion Kiosk
Dealer Activity Report & Analytics
Dealer Tracking with RFID or MSR
Security Point ID Check In
Tournament Registration
SMS Paging & Auto Waitlist Seating
Manage Active Players at Each Table
Earn Points, Hours, Tickets Ect.
Table Activity Report & Analytics
Dealer Rotation Setup & Display
Barred Patron Identification Alerts
Blind Levels & Payout Setup
"Must Move" List Setup Features
Dealer Login & Avg. Hands Dealt
Secure PIN for Self Service Promo Kiosk
Player Check In & Barred History
Player Rating and Transaction History
Patron Database Management
Mobile Tournament Event & Schedule
Multi-Section Waitlist Setup
Time/Credit Collection Setup
Vouchers & Drawing Receipts & Printing
Live Player Activity KPI "Seated Players"
Service/Time Alerts & Display
Roles & Permissions Management
Tournament Clock & Web Controller
Self-Service Waitlist Kiosk Display
Time/Credit Balance Status & Indicators
Auto Active/Expired Promotion Check
Live Waitlist Activity KPI "Waiting Now"
Tournament Reports & Final Results
Waitlist Status Icons for Waiting Lists
Player Check In/Out via RFID or MSR
Dynamic Promotion Redemption Report
Live Table Activity KPI "Open Tables"
Dealer Check In/Out via RFID or MSR
Track Daily Time on Table & Usage
Live Table Alerts KPI "Service Alerts"

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