LiveLinq – The Mobile Solution for Client Account Listing

LiveLinq is a new mobile solution designed to deliver your most important daily gaming information to casino players quickly and easily. With LiveLinq, your casino can seamlessly engage with your players through interactive features that provide up-to-date details on:

  • Cash games
  • Live waitlists
  • Daily and series tournaments
  • Offered promotions.
  • Free advertising space in account listing
  • Customized account listing

This mobile app offers unparalleled convenience, allowing players to access live information on all of your casino’s exciting action at any time. By leveraging LiveLinq, your casino can stay ahead of the game, delivering a top-notch gaming experience to your players.

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Link your mobile account listing with your on-site casino management system.

Our premium account integrates your CRS Cloud modules, which automates manual maintenance and syncing with your on-premise casino management system. This means you can say goodbye to time-consuming manual processes and hello to streamlined efficiency. With our premium account, you get two robust systems in one unbeatable monthly package..

Embed your live waitlist directly on your company website

With our “Live Waitlist Embedding” feature, we offer a hassle-free way for companies to display real-time waitlist data directly on their own website. By providing you with an iframe that links to the data in our cloud-based CRS system, you can easily show your customers the current room activity without having to manually update your website. Best of all, this feature is completely free to use!

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