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Can I purchase different management solutions based on my requirements?

Yes, we can tailor solutions to meet your needs.

How long has ITCS been in business?

Our company has been in operation for over 17 years.

Do you only offer software?

IT Casino Solutions offers a full range of hardware to meet your requirements matched to work seamlessly with our software. From scanners, tablets, work stations to floor furniture and design.

I see that you are located in California, do you provide your products and services in any other states?

Yes, ITCS Solutions are available in all 50 states.

Do you offer software support?

Live support is available 24/7/365, per the terms of our support contract.

Once we have made a decision how long does it take to implement the software?

We can typically have the system up and running with training over a one-week period.

Do you offer a turn key operational platform for casino operations?

Through the various ITCS modules, we can address all requirements and create new solutions as the industry evolves and to meet changing compliance requirements.

Do you offer a back-office solution to address document management to address compliance requirements?

Yes, we have solutions to manage HR requirements along with compliance reporting and storage and retrieval.

Do you offer free consultation?

Yes, please contact us to make arrangements or request a quote via our website.

How is your software license offered?

ITCMS software is available on a monthly subscription, based on the modules unitized and by number of users. Depending on your requirements we can offer on-premise, cloud services or a hybrid model.

Do you offer any custom solutions along with your Software License?

Yes, we can provide any number of custom solutions based on your requirements.

Can you help with my human resources?

Yes, we have several modules that address and manage the casino work force.

Can you interface with my current POS and accounting software?

ITCS has available a number of API’s or can create a custom API in many cases.

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