Enterprise Casino Management System

Key Features and Benefits

Compliance Automation

Achieve Title 31 compliance with automated workflows, which monitor transactions and generate alerts for potential violations.

Optimize Dealer Rotation

Improve efficiency and performance on the floor with our dealer coordination module, which allows you to manage dealer schedules, section views, and rotations for live games.

Floor & Cage Transactions

Seamlessly integrate player and employee transactions for floor and cage processes. Manage patron bank accounts, balance windows, process check cashing, and audit/report on transactions.

Count Room Processes

Optimize and automate counting procedures with collected table verification, soft and hard count procedures, and box collection management.

Reporting and Analytics

Monitor key financial metrics and identify potential audit liabilities with centralized data analysis and reporting, employee scheduling functionality, gaming day reports, and an activity log.

Cage and Back Office Operations

Streamline financial transaction management in the cage and back office with patron transaction audit/reporting, patron bank management, dealer drop audit/reporting, dealer tip pool reporting, and the cashier dashboard and window.

Who’s it for?

What’s it do?

Our Enterprise Casino Management System is designed for enterprise-level casinos with 50 or more tables. It is an ideal solution for those who need a reliable and proven turnkey system to manage all processes from the floor to the cage to the countroom. We are currently offering a sunsetting discount price and maintenance-only package for new clients who need a turnkey system to manage their casino operations.

This system streamlines dealer coordination, improves transaction management, and ensures compliance workflows such as Title 31 & BSA compliance, player database management, player and employee cage management, count room management, back-office financial transaction reporting, and dealer coordinator modules. It is a comprehensive on-premise casino management system that is designed to keep casinos in financial compliance and reduce financial liabilities.

Stay in Compliance and Avoid Liabilities
with our Patented CMS

US Patent Approved

Casino Operations Management System with Dealer Management

US ID 8571905 | 2014

US Patent Approved

Casino Operations Management System with Player Cage and Multi-transaction Log

US ID 10109148 | 2018

US Patent Approved

Casino Operations Management System with Multi-transaction Log Search

US ID 11030844 | 2021

US Patent Pending

Casino Operations Management System with Count Room

US ID (PENDING) | 2022


Title 31 & BSA Compliance

Transaction monitoring and compliance workflows for Title 31 & BSA compliance with alerts and reporting.

Player Cage

Patron transaction audit & reporting, patron bank management, window balancing, and check cashing

Back Office

Centralized data analysis and reporting, employee scheduling functionality, gaming day reports, and activity log.

TIN Check Verification

TIN check module for accurate patron verification and compliance with reporting requirements, preventing fraud and money laundering.

Employee Cage

Employee transaction and dealer drop audit & reporting, dealer tip pool reporting, cashier dashboard & window.

Jackpots & House Accts

Jackpot configuration management with jackpot increases, progressives, and jackpot manager approvals & increases.

Patron Management

managing patron accounts, tracking changes to patron information, and managing barred patrons with alerts.

Count Room

Count room management, collected table verification, soft & hard count procedures, and box collection management

Dealer Coordinator

Dealer Scheduling, Section View, Dealer Coordinator, and Rotations for Live Games.


Inventory and equipment management and delivery tracking, GECO display with automated alerts, chips & card maintenance