Table Game Software: Improve performance and efficiency with data analytics.

Experience complete operations oversight with our advanced web-based casino operations management platform built to measure and track the performance of your gaming floor in real time.

Products / CRS Platform

Easily scale your gaming operations with our flexible, cost-effective, and user-friendly management software.

Real-time monitoring and control of table game operations

Hybrid/Cloud-Deployed Modern Agility

Affordable and scalable plan pricing

Integration with other on-premise systems & hardware

Reduce IT costs with Azure Cloud Security and Database

Sync your action in real time with LiveLinq Mobile App

CRS Platform

Experience complete operations oversight with our advanced web-based casino operations management platform built to measure and track the performance of your gaming floor in real-time.



Streamline operations and improve player experience with our user-friendly dashboard hub for real-time analytics and KPI tracking. Monitor employee performance and identify areas for improvement with dynamic reporting

CRS Reports & Analytics

Real-time insights for optimizing operations, performance, and profitability with our comprehensive reporting system for gaming day MTL, dealer & player activity, barred player history, and more.

CRS Floor

Optimize casino operations with our CRS Floor module, managing sections, tables, games, and limits with real-time information and workflows.

CRS Patron

Streamline player management with CRS Patron – ID verification, account creation, barred player tracking, membership, and KYC security measures all in one module.

CRS Mobile

Elevate your casino’s player engagement with our mobile app, LiveLinq. Connect in real-time with players, track promotions, and gain valuable insights on player behavior and loyalty.

CRS Tournament

Streamline your poker tournaments with  web registration, clock controls and displays, detailed reporting, payout and level structures, and mobile tournament features.

CRS Promotion

Create dynamic incentives, reward players for time and loyalty with our software, issue rewards, vouchers, bonuses and other loyalty perks for time played and points earned.

CRS Waitlist

Optimize seating with our waitlist technology, featuring real-time displays, automatic seating, SMS paging, mobile waitlist sign-up, and more. 

Key Features & Benefits

Floor & Table Management
Section, Tables, Games & Limits Configuration
Patron Tracking via RFID or MSR
Table Game Tracking with RFID or MSR
Dealer Rotation Management & Display
Patron Rating and Transaction History
Service Alerts & Time/Credit Alert Display
Title 31 Compliant Reporting Tools
Player & Staff Management
Patron ID Verification & Enrollment
Player Card & Employee Badge Printing
Security Point ID Check In Workflow
Barred Patron Identification Alerts
Patron & Employee Database Management
Employee Roles & Permissions Management
Tournament Management
Tournament Schedule View
Tournament Setup (Single & Multi-Day)
Tournament Registration & Mobile Pre-Registration
Level & Payout Structure Configuration
LiveLinq™ Mobile Tournament Event & Schedule
Tournament Clock & Controller Web Display
Tournament Reports & Final Payout Calculations
Mobile App & Waitlist Control
LiveLinq™ Mobile App Waitlist SignUp
Advertising Space on LiveLinq Mobile App
SMS Patron Paging & Automatic Waitlist Seating
Responsive Board Displays on Web & Mobile App
"Must Move" List Creation Features
Multi-Section "Custom" Waitlist Features & Display
Self-Service Waitlist Kiosk Display
Integrated Table Touch Screens
7' Integrated Table Touch Screens
10' Pole Mounted Table Touch Screens
Full Visibility of Active Players at Each Table
Dealer Login & Hands Dealt Tracking
Time/Credit Collection
Player Time/Credit Balance Status & Indicators
Player Check In/Out via RFID or MSR
Promotions Management
Hours & Points Based Promotion Management
Promotion Allowance Settings
Patron Kiosk Promotion Web Display
Secure Pin Validation for Self Service Promo Kiosk
Vouchers & Drawing Receipts & Printing
Auto Active/Expried Promotion Check
Dynamic Promotion Accrual & Redemption Options
Reports & Analytics
Gaming Day Revenue Report & Analytics
Dealer Activity Report & Analytics
Table Activity Report & Analytics
Player Check In & Barred History Report
Live Player Activity KPI "Seated Players"
Live Waitlist Activity KPI "Waiting Now"
Live Table Activity KPI "Open Tables"
Live Table Alerts KPI "Service Alerts"

Enhance your customer experience with our advanced player tracking, marketing, and convenience features.

Improve your casino’s operations with our advanced RFID tracking system. Our system offers an easy installation process and tracks players, games, dealers, and time/credit collection & membership. Schedule a demo to see how our software can benefit your card room or private member’s club and take your casino to the next level.

LiveLinq Mobile App


Automatically sync your gaming floor, tournament events, waitlist sign-up, and promotional player offerings through your customizable mobile profile listing. Sync all of your activity in real-time through LiveLinq’s CRS Mobile integration to share and engage with your customer base on mobile devices.