Maximize your volume potential and control your gaming floor with CRS Cloud

The CRS Cloud offers a powerful toolkit of modules to provide comprehensive management functionality for your cardroom or social club. Our solutions are designed to keep your seats filled, players happy, and employees engaged with efficient customer and gaming oversight.

Benefits of Choosing CRS Cloud for Your Business


 CRS Cloud can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, making it more convenient than on-premise software.


CRS Cloud can easily accommodate changes in the number of users or the size of your business, which is more difficult with on-premise software.


CRS Cloud is less expensive than on-premise software because you don’t need to purchase or maintain the necessary hardware and IT resources.


We handle all maintenance and updates to CRS Cloud, which eliminates the need for ongoing maintenance by your own IT staff.


CRS Cloud offers high-level encryption and Azure Cloud security to protect your data against threats, giving you peace of mind.


CRS Cloud offers more flexibility in terms of customization, integration, and deployment options compared to on-premise software.

Your CRS Environment: Key Features & Benefits


Gain quick access to modules, track activity with mobile KPIs, receive real-time feedback, and make data-driven decisions to enhance gaming operations.

Reporting & Analytics

Utilize custom-built casino operation reports for daily actionable insights and performance milestone development, driving operational improvement.

Floor Module

Efficiently manage your gaming floor with cash game setup (poker & table games), dealer rotation setup and displays, service alerts and display, and dealer tablet management for seamless operations.

Patron Module

Access comprehensive patron/staff information, including player rating, points, and barred statuses, and effortlessly add credits/time/points for a complete overview of all patrons.

Mobile Module (LiveLinq)

Integrate your onsite gaming info with mobile, sharing live waitlists, tournament schedules, promotional ads, and maintaining full control of featured information. Free download for all users.

Tournament Module

Organize and manage tournaments with a scheduler, controller, registration, and clock, as well as blind level and payout structure modules for a smooth tournament experience.

Promotion Module

Design dynamic incentives, reward player loyalty with points, bonuses, and other perks for time played and points earned, enhancing player engagement and retention.

Waitlist Module

Streamline waitlist creation and management, featuring custom displays, must-move display, SMS paging and notifications, and self-service waitlist kiosk for improved guest experience.

Membership Module

Easily manage membership programs with flexible durations like daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly plans. Track daily fees, and membership transactions; including payments, refunds, and adjustments, and monitor member statuses such as active, expired, or suspended memberships.

Fee Collection Module

Optimize your club’s fee collection with our Credit/Time Collection Module, allowing the use of time or digital tokens/credits per hand as a modern alternative to traditional drops. 

Let CRS Cloud Help You Tackle Common Operational Challenges

Effortless Sections, Games, Limits/Blinds Configuration

Eliminate the need to contact your software provider for gaming floor changes. CRS Cloud empowers you to add, edit, and remove games and limits effortlessly, preview display/mobile info, and make instant changes without affecting historical data. Enjoy unlimited customization without rigid systems or structures.

Table Management at Your Fingertips, Anywhere

Simplify table management with CRS Cloud’s tablet-based solution, offering complete control over player and dealer management for each table. Choose between equipping each table with a tablet or managing all tables from a single device.

Gain Full Control of Your Mobile Account Listing with LiveLinq

No more incorrect or outdated information on your account page. LiveLinq grants you full control over all casino-related information, from features to promotions. Update at your convenience without relying on an app provider. Manage your poker room effectively while offering patrons mobile waitlist registration, real-time cash game updates, and synced tournament schedules through CRS software.

Revolutionize Waitlist Management

Transform your waitlist management with dynamic controls, including SMS paging, mobile sign-up, must-move lists, and table/seat transfers. Our drag-and-drop interface allows easy board customization for different sections and seamless player flow with configurable must-move lists. Automated table and player status updates keep you in control of your floor at all times, streamlining your waitlist management effortlessly.

Elevate Your Casino’s Reward System

Reinvent your promotional process with dynamic controls that allow players to earn rewards based on time or points. Say goodbye to manual scanning and batch printing with our self-service promo kiosk, reducing employee interaction. Effortlessly create and manage diverse promotion types, including jackpots, and maintain a well-organized promo schedule for enhanced internal promotions and marketing.

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