Where it all started.

The foundation of ITCS was built on a revolutionary set of tools that redefined how casino management operated. Our legacy suite is a robust casino management system that enhances, streamlines, and optimizes every aspect of a gaming organization.

From our unprecedented compliance & MTL system, to our robust player tracking features, we’ll have your casino management performing at its peak.

A powerful windows based application that gives you total control of your casino’s operational potential…

Regardless of the size of your establishment we can customize our tools to fit your needs. Card rooms, poker clubs, and casinos of all sizes can level up with the Core Suite.

Take a look under the hood.

Patron Management

Make it easier than ever to create, manage, and optimize player data in real time.

Player Tracking Features
  • MSR Tracking
  • RFID Tracking
  • Tracking Via Scanners
  • Player Gaming Activity
Patron Management Features
  • Patron Database Management
  • Patron Intake & Verification
  • Patron Modification Log
  • Patron Account Management
  • Barred Patron Management & Alerts
Player Tracking Features
  • MSR Tracking
  • RFID Tracking
  • Tracking Via Scanners
  • Player Gaming Activity

Floor Management

Your entire gaming floor in a manageable snapshot.

Section Management Features
  • Rotations Management for Live Games
  • Rotations Management for Tournaments
Table Management Features
  • Live Game Dealer Tablet Display
  • Live Game Dealer Tablet MTL Entry Log
  • Live Game Floor Tablet Promotion Payouts
Analytic & Reporting Features
  • Player Tracking by Section, Shift, Game & Limit
  • Table Tracking by Section, Shift, Game & Limit
  • Game Tracking by Section, Shift, Game & Limit
  • Revenue Tracking by Section, Shift, Game & Limit

Dealer Coordinator

Give your dealers the ability to perform efficiently and effectively even when things get hectic.

Dealer Management Features
  • Section View for Dealers
  • Dealer Scheduling for Live Games & Tournaments
  • Schedule Prediction & Optimization Tool
Dealer Tracking Features
  • Dealer Drop Tracking & Reporting
  • Dealer Tip Pool Reporting
Dealer Display Features
  • Dealer Tables Rotation Display
  • Dealer List Display

Employee Cage

Keep your honest employees even more honest. Manage all cashier and dealer activities with ease.

Cage Operations Features
  • Dealer Drop Tracking & Reporting
  • Dealer Tip Pool Reporting
  • Customized Cashier Dashboard

Count Room

Quit worrying about missing something important knowing your counts will always be spot on.

Count Room Features
  • Count Room Management
  • Collected Table Verification
  • Soft & Hard Count Procedures
  • Box Collection Management
  • Section View Integration
  • Count Room Reporting
  • Foreign & Mutilated Chip Audit
  • Count Room Revenue Email Reporting Automation

Back Office

All of your internal resources for analysis and reporting conveniently located in one place.

Cage/Floor Operations Features
  • Centralized Analysis & 250+ Reports
  • Centralized Integration Data & Analytics
  • Human Resources Management
  • Scheduling for Dealers and Floor Personnel
  • Dealer Coordinator Activity Log
  • Dealer Section History Monitoring
  • MTL Gaming Day Reports
  • Revenue Reports
  • Import & Export 3rd Party Employee Schedules

Compliance and MTL

Sophisticated automation to guarantee you're not in the crosshairs.

Financial Compliance Features
  • Title 31 Compliance Training
  • MTL/NIL/SAR Transaction Reporting & Filing
  • Transaction Monitoring & Alerts
  • Automated Chip Walk Reports
  • Required IRS Compliance Forms Automation
  • Database CSV Query for Auditing Reports
Payout Compliance Features
  • Required IRS Compliance Forms Automation
  • Patron ID Verification

Player Cage

Rest easy knowing the transactions between a gaming facility and your patrons are being monitored and flagged at all times.

Cage Operations Features
  • Patron Transaction Audit & Reporting
  • Patron Bank Management
  • Patron Safe Deposit Box Management
  • Window Balancing
  • Entering Employee Cashier Transactions
  • Checks & Markers/Counter Checks Tracking
  • Patron Marker Credit Underwriting & Approval
  • Patron ID Verification

Tournament Management

Make your tournaments a hit without wasting time on the setup.

Tournament Features
  • Tournament Registration
  • Tournament Configuration
  • Tournament Scheduling

Drawings Management

Communication made simple with our go-to tool for managing drawings.

Promotion Management Features
  • Targeted Bonusing
  • Manual Drawing Promotions
  • Virtual Drawing Promotions
  • Drawing Displays

Jackpot Management

Keep your big wins rolling with our simple jackpot and bonusing setup.

Jackpot Management Features
  • Jackpot Configuration
  • Jackpot Displays
  • Jackpot Increases and Approvals Workflow


Efficient tools for inventory and equipment management for any size gaming facility.

Gaming Equipment Features
  • GECO Room Inventory Management & Delivery Tracking
  • GECO Room Display & Automated Alerts
  • Chips & Card Maintenance

Time to level up?