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Our newest gaming operations technology that’s making noise in some of the biggest casinos in California. Industry leading UI, streamlined automation, and intuitive payment systems are just a few things we’re bringing to the table this year.

Fully integrated with our Core Suite, Cardroom Suite is a high powered web-based system that leaves nothing to the imagination.

Fast, intuitive, and easy to use, Cardroom Suite offers plug-and-play solutions for age old casino problems…

Start tackling your modern problems with modern software. Cardroom Suite offers some of the most cutting edge applications available to small and mid sized casinos, poker clubs, and card rooms.



Peak behind the curtain.

Marketing CMS

Everything you need to keep your players wanting more.

Promotion Management Features
  • Loyalty Program Management
  • Customizable Vouchers & Rewards
  • Targeted Bonusing
  • Promotional Redemptions Tracking
  • Jackpot Management
  • TITO Ticket Integration
  • Customer Service Kiosk Integration
  • POS Management Integration
Marketing Operations Features
  • Analytics & Operational Dashboards
  • Automated Workflows for Promotional Campaigns
  • Internal Promotion Approvals
  • Import/Export of Player Databases Lists
  • Custom Patron Database Querys & Saved Player Lists

Table Tablet System

Hardware integration for easy floor visualization and functionality.

Tablet System Features
  • Promotion & Jackpot Display

  • One Click Service Call Buttons

  • Live Dealer Schedule Information

  • Live Table Game Information

  • Patrons Check In/Check Out

  • Patron Transaction Input Window

  • Patron MTL Attribute Input

Portable Payout

Modern payout systems that work the way they’re supposed to.

Payout Operations Features
  • Floor Tablet Payout Processing

  • Known & Unknown Patron Payout Processing

  • Tax Withholding & Amounts Automation

  • Automatic Notifications to all Verification Personnel

  • Database Query for Player Attributes & Tax Thresholds

  • Compliance Integrated Automatic FinCEN Check for Winners

  • State Barred Watchlist Scanning

  • Player Account Taxable Payouts, 1099, W2G Reporting

  • YTD Earnings Summaries for Player Winnings

Customer Service Kiosk

A staple for casinos that want customizable hardware tools for the best customer experience. They’ll go Kiosk crazy.

Kiosk Integration Features
  • Patron Account Management
  • Patron Redemption Reports History
  • Touch Screen UI Interface
  • View Offered & Interest Cash Games
  • Live Waitlist Registration
  • Print Available Vouchers
  • Casino Offers and Vouchers for Discounts 
Hardware Integration Features
  • TITO Voucher Management
  • Secure ID & Passport Verification



The next wave of tournament technology to keep your casino management on its toes.

Tournament Features
  • Tournament Event Management
  • Real-time Tournament Controller
  • Mixed Game Event Configurations
  • Mobile Tournament Integration
  • Tournament Schedule
  • Tournament Clock Displays
  • Multi-flight & Series Events Configuration

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