Delivers unparalleled power and business intelligence to seamlessly connect your management operations with players on the floor.

Integrate advanced front end tools into your management operations

The following modules are included in the Cardroom Suite™ and can be added to your current Core Suite™ system individually.

Player Kiosk Solutions

The Player Kiosk Solution provides players with an interactive way to engage on the gaming floor. Configuration of the player kiosk allows a Gaming Facility to upload customized branding materials. Features include touchscreen functionality, secure ID verification, TITO voucher management, a barcode reader to process voucher redemptions, and the ability to integrate with Marketing and Board Management solutions. The Kiosk solution allows the player to engage and connect with promotional resources and advanced convenience features, as well as display views for player reporting and tier progress, available rewards, waitlist availability, and all affiliate promotional offerings for the Gaming Facility. All features communicate directly with your ITCS management solutions’ for optimized player communication and floor operations analysis.

(Refer to ITCS user manual for complete module description)

Mobile App Solutions

The Mobile App Solution is fully functional and supportable as an application on IOS and android. Features allow gaming facilities to display information that includes daily cash games, tournaments, and promotions. The application lets your players interact and engage directly with their favorite gaming facilities from any location. Integration with player kiosk, marketing/promotion, and board management solutions increases the ROI on player retention. Utilize direct SMS push notifications to notify guests of promotions, drawings, waitlist activity, and location-based reward events. Cardroom Club lets players access general account information, current tier progress, and promotional incentives. Additional security and 2-factor identity verification allow players to access sensitive information such as changing a personal PIN code, accessing winning reports and statistics, managing passwords, and changing opt-in settings.

(Refer to ITCS user manual for complete module description)

Hardware Solutions

The Hardware Solution offers service parts for all-in-one units, tablets, touchscreens, kiosks, and personal digital assistants (PDAs). All hardware solutions are sourced from certified 3rd party vendors and are proven to reduce downtime and increase cost-savings over time. Customization of hardware units provides various sizes and configurations to fit your gaming facilities’ specific needs and enhance your player’s experience. Hardware units support our management suites giving your Gaming Facility full control, configuration, and monitoring of all devices on the floor. Hardware service support will be available 24-7 to assist in repairs, malfunctions, and expedited parts replacement.

(Refer to ITCS user manual for complete module description)

Board Management Solutions

The Board Management Solution gives a Gaming Facility full control of waitlist management and displays. Flexible user configuration settings give one or multiple board managers the ability to create interest and ongoing waitlists for any section and table (by game and by limit) on the floor. Advanced features include organizing lists, main table designation, must-move lists, calling lists, automated player notifications, online waitlist registration, and waitlist history report summaries. Integration with the Cardroom Club™ application allows for streamlined mobile player waitlist additions and SMS notification options.

(Refer to ITCS user manual for complete module description)

Tournament Management Solutions

The Tournament Management Solution gives a Gaming Facility the ability to configure any size, type, and style of poker tournament events. Tournament events can be created, saved, duplicated, and archived to organize and re-use events over a calendar year. Features include management and configuration sections for general setup, registration, scheduling, tournament clock displays, and the ability for a controller to run and modify an event as it progresses. Integration with the Cardroom Club™ application allows for mobile tournament pre-registration, live tournament clocks, tournament standings, leaderboards for multi-flight events, and tournament promotions. 

(Refer to ITCS user manual for complete module description)

Marketing/Promotion Solutions

The Marketing/Promotion Solution provides the marketing department with a 360 view of the gaming floor via the analytic dashboard with the ability to promote and market to players internally and externally. Create and schedule any promotional campaign using a simplified 5-step campaign wizard. Campaigns include workflows for rewards, jackpots, drawings, vouchers, and sports promotions. Accurately track a campaign’s success using analytic redemption data and adjust successful campaigns to optimize player intake and retention. Optimize the loyalty program to include various point multipliers (by season, by tier, by section, by game, and by limit) to build the most interactive and engaging loyalty program possible.  User-specific features allow secure access to revenue reports, promotion approvals, and marketing activity through the analytic dashboard. 

(Refer to ITCS user manual for complete module description)

Internal Display Solutions

The Link Display Solution is the first connected display management system to integrate all ITCS management suites’ solutions. Utilize modern, high fidelity displays, a user-centric design focus, and various configuration options to customize all necessary information displayed anywhere in a Gaming Facility, online, or mobile.

(Refer to ITCS user manual for complete module description)

Payout Management Solutions

The Payout Management Solution streamlines workflow for processing a Gaming Facility payout with our player tracking, other vendor player tracking, or no player tracking at all. If no player tracking is available player identification and eligibility can be entered manually by operations. Integration with our player tracking enhances the payout workflow by expediting the payout process using automated compliance checks for AML/Title 31 guidelines and requirements using player eligibility and identification. A Gaming Facility can configure the details of verification to include: selected operators, table names, games & limits, seat numbers, players pictures, hand cards (if applicable). The payout management solution creates exclusion based on cheating and barred player status, allows added associate fund redistribution, calculates winnings and applicable taxes, collects player signatures, reassigns promotion seed values, and generates final documents for the cage as well as individual player receipts. 

(Refer to ITCS user manual for complete module description)

Cloud Hosting Solutions

The Cloud Hosting Solution module offers a broad spectrum of features via Microsoft’s data centers. Microsoft manages computing and storage properties, and application resources. Cloud infrastructure provides the most secure, flexible, and reliable computing solutions to work with services such as servers, storage, networking, and software all throughout Microsoft Azure Cloud.

(Refer to ITCS user manual for complete module description)