1. Casino Operations Management


IT Casino Solutions is proud to introduce the revolutionary Casino Operations Management software solution.

Casino Operations Management has been designed by actual casino managers and supervisors for the comprehensive management and coordination of casino floor activity.

Casino Operations Management is guaranteed to enhance and improve your casino's productivity by accurately tracking and generating data that is essential for your management team. The system offers unparalleled reporting features at the click of a button, information that previously took precious time and resources to compile. The reports generated provide business intelligence information for analyzing section and staff performance and overall casino productivity. The use of this system will undoubtedly maximize your customer satisfaction and dramatically increase your casino revenues.

Casino Operations Management can also be customized to suit your specific needs. Build on a modular architecture, the solution can be extended with new modules in order to provide increased functionality.

2. Casino Operations Management - Floor Management

We have developed this unique casino software solution that is unsurpassed by other product available in the market today. IT Casino Solutions offers superior personalized support and exclusive upgrades to all of our customers. 

Casino Operations Management system fully covers all processs that are undertaken on the casino floor.

  • Keeps track of dealers and tables activity on floor.
  • Optional, on table hands counter and RFID dealer tracking.
  • Manages human resoruces.
  • Records Count Room revenue and provides reports.
  • Manages Employee Cages.
  • Tracks Geco Room equipment.
  • Provides centralized management of multiple on floor dispays.

3. Casino Operations Management - Player Cage

Casino Operations Management implements Player Cage and IRS reporting.

  • Player Cage and on floor transactions.
  • MTL (Multi Transaction Log) with player pictures.
  • CTR (Currency Transaction Report) with batch or discret filing for BSA.
  • SAR (Suspicious Activity Report) with batch or discret filing for BSA.
  • NIL (Negociable Instruments Log).

4. Casino Operations Management - Player Tracking and Rewards

Casino Operations Management tracks players activity and rewards loyal players.

  • Keeps track of players activity using mobile devices or RFID devices.
  • Implements Board Management and Board Displays.
  • Manages player promotions, electronic and ticket drawings.
  • Provides touch-screen kiosk application for players.
  • Implements Tournament Registration.

5. Bingo Operations Management

Bingo Operations Management provides a complet management solution for Bingo Room where all the players active on the club floor are being scanned every hour using mobile devices. Combined, this information generates detailed reports about players activity in the club. Based on this data, the management team can tailor specific promotions that reward loyal players thus generation more revenue.


The software provides a centralized system for displaying active promotions along with specific customer advertising. This information is broadcasted from a central server to all the screens that are present through the Bingo Room. Whenever a drawing is performed, the winner for any promotion is announced on these screens by name and picture.



6. Bingo Operations Management - Kiosk

Bingo players have at their disposal touch-screen kiosks where they can view active promotions along with their rules. Using their player cards they can sign into their account to consult their qualifying status and print tickets to enroll in active promotions.